Addressing the mental health crisis in our schools
Classroom Solutions

The following question was posed to MTA members:

Based upon your observations and experience in your classroom and school, what are your ideas for improving mental wellness for your students? For your fellow educators? For yourself?

The responses to this prompt are outlined in a report, Classroom Solutions to the Mental Health Crisis in Our Schools, which lays out eight recommendations for change including:

  • Bringing more licensed mental health professionals in schools
  • Giving educators more help in the classroom
  • Raising and respecting the voices of educators and students

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Organizing Resources


Key Documents & Resources, Labor Standards Department, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Department of Labor Standards of Massachusetts promotes and protects workers' safety/health, wages, and working conditions. The DLS Workplace Safety and Health Program goals are to prevent workplace injury and illness of public sector workers.

Online training created by the Environmental Health and Safety Committee, How to File a Workplace Hazard Complaint with the Department of Labor Standards.