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Legislation to ensure a strong public higher education system

Lead Sponsors: Senator Jo Comerford (D-Northampton), Senator Robyn Kennedy (D-Worcester), Senator Paul Mark (D-Becket), Senator Jake Oliveira (D-Ludlow), Representative Sean Garballey (D-Arlington) and Representative Pat Duffy (D-Holyoke).

The Cherish Act establishes a blueprint for a world-class system of public higher education that is urgently needed to meet widely shared goals in the Commonwealth. If passed, it would enable people of all backgrounds in every community to build successful and fulfilling lives; address economic, social and racial equity gaps; meet our state’s climate change goals; create high-quality workplaces with fair wages and benefits to attract and retain faculty and staff; enable new discoveries and innovation; and invest in a competitive workforce that is the engine of the state’s economy.

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Level the playing field for MA college students: Pass the CHERISH Act now.

The Cherish Act: to ensure a strong public higher ed system in Mass.

All Mass. students should have access to debt-free higher education

Madeleine Charney, Research Services Librarian, Umass Amherst

Dean Robinson, Chair of the Political Science Department, UMass Amherst

Michael Ash, Professor of Economics, UMass Amherst

Joanna Gonzalvez, Professor of Psychology, Salem State University

Jessica Gold Boots, Teacher of English Learners, Malden Education Association

Guy Belino, Adjunct Faculty of Political Science, Salem State University

Phyllis Keenan, Adjunct Faculty of Mathematics, Greenfield Community College

Maria Hegbloom, Bridgewater State University

Jariza Rodriguez | Administrative Assistance, UMass Boston

Franklin Ortiz | Academic Advisor, UMass Boston

MTA Vice President Deb McCarthy Testimony in support of the Cherish Act

MTA President Max Page Testimony in support of the Cherish Act

Tell legislators to pass the Cherish Act now

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